Side by Side Wasteland & Wasteland 2

Cliqist has published a short editorial that compares the original Wasteland with its recent Kickstarter-funded sequel. The author seems to have a newfound appreciation of Wasteland 2, now that he can see all the callbacks to the original, in terms of story, mechanics and art:

Delving into InXile's 1987 Wasteland, I was offered a greater appreciation for the sequel which I loved. During my first playthroughs of Wasteland 2 I felt it was a superb, polished game. I still support this notion. However, after actually experiencing the first Wasteland, I view Wasteland 2 as an update, continuation, and homage to a groundbreaking game. The 1987 role-playing game wouldn't receive an official sequel until 2014, though in the meantime games like Fallout rose from the same creative primordial soup from which Wasteland 1 first crawled. Whether you're like me and missed Wasteland back in the day, or played the heck out of it, it's really neat to visit both post-apocalyptic playgrounds back-to-back.

Spotted on RPGWatch.