Soldak Entertainment Interview

The team over at RPGWatch has cranked out an interview with Soldak Entertainment's Steven Peeler, quizzing the indie developer about the various action RPGs he has developed to date and the upcoming zombie apocalypse title he's working on, Zombasite. Here's a taste:

Couchpotato: As a follow-up to the last question have you ever thought of branching out, and making a turn-based RPG, or something different?

Steven: I've thought about creating many different types of games before, but I do think a turn-based RPG is one of the more likely if we do something that is not an action RPG.

While we haven't branched out of the action RPG thing, we have in other ways. We ported Depths of Peril to the Mac. Kivi's Underworld was a very casual take on the action RPG game. Drox Operative was in a space setting. We even ported Drox Operative (and then Din's Curse and Depths of Peril) to Linux.


Couchpotato: Your latest game in development is called Zombasite, and I was wondering if you could describe what it's about?

Steven: Well it's basically a zombie apocalypse action RPG, but instead of the typical modern day setting, it is set in a fantasy world (specifically the Depths of Peril/Din's Curse world). Replace tinkering evil scientists with Dark Elf wizards and you will understand the back story.