What IGN Wants from Fallout 4

IGN has editorialized a wishlist for Bethesda's unannounced Fallout 4, no doubt partly because the news of a Bethesda-hosted E3 conference rekindled the hopes for an announcement this year. A more personal story, better writing, more customization and drivable vehicles are a few of these wishes:

A personal story

Fallout 3 gave you a lot of freedom and presented many good/evil choices. And if you wanted to be really evil, Fallout 3 delivered in spades (blowing up Megaton, anyone?). Yet the main mission asked you to go on some world saving quest where you had to follow in your father's footsteps to provide clean water to everyone in the wasteland. The '˜save the world' type of scenario might work in the likes in Elder Scrolls and Dragon Age, but in a world that stresses moral ambiguity and freedom of choice, you'd hate to be shoehorned in the role of the saviour. When everyone through the main mission congratulates on your work, and when your father puts so much faith in you to finish his work, evil choices become jarring and do take you out of the experience.

New Vegas was perfect in this regards. It gave you barely any information on who your character is, and sets you on a personal quest for revenge. With so little information on who you are, and with no real defined quest, roleplaying became much easier where you could sink your teeth in bad karma without worrying about what your father would have to say. So we hope that Bethesda takes the same approach with Fallout 4, and gives us a personal story for our character, where we are free to forge however we please as we go forward