Basilisk Games Interview

Basilisk Games' head Thomas Riegsecker has fielded some questions from RPGWatch on subjects such as the state of the game industry and RPG design, the reception of Eschalon: Book III, and the indie studio's next project. Riegsecker isn't kind to triple-A RPGs:

Couchpotato: A follow-up to the last question what's your opinion on modern RPG games?

Thomas Riegsecker: Generally, I think most mainstream RPGs are just plain bad, although Bethesda still makes decent RPGs that maintain a somewhat classic feel. Many other modern games that call themselves RPGs are really not; those of us who grew up D&D, Wizardry or Might & Magic expect role-playing to be more than what is currently offered up by triple-A developers.

Indie RPGs are usually much better because they adhere to the standards of classic computer RPGs- Grimrock being a recent and great example.