Avernum 2: Crystal Souls to be Released on Wednesday

To ensure that we weren't too heavily blindsided by the release of Avernum 2: Crystal Souls, Spiderweb Software fired over a press release alerting us to the fact that the RPG will be available for purchase across all of the usual digital download services on Wednesday, January 14th. Interestingly, they'll be debuting both the Windows and OS X versions of the game on the same day, too:

Avernum 2 Launches Jan 14th for Win & Mac

Famed RPG coming to Steam, GOG, Apple, Humble Store, and direct from SpiderwebSoftware.com

Jan 12th, 2015 Spiderweb Software is excited to announce the second game in the Avernum series, the retelling of the classic Exile franchise from 1996. More information is available at http://www.avernum.com/avernum2/ or the Steam page at http://store.steampowered.com/app/337850.

The end has come. Years ago, your people were imprisoned in the underworld, doomed to end their lives in the darkness. Then that was not enough. Your captors have invaded your caves, determined to kill you all. They are winning the war.

Spiderweb Software, Inc. announced today their return to their epic Avernum saga, to continue the story of the underworld Avernites and the war against their oppressors. Avernum 2: Crystal Souls is the second chapter in this indie fantasy role-playing saga, a tale of desperate exiles and their battle for survival and a land to call their own.

The surface world is commanded by the tyrannical Empire, the eternal power that controls all known lands. Everyone who spoke out, misbehaved, or didn't fit in was cast into the dark, volcanic pits of Avernum, far below the surface. They were meant to die. Instead, these exiles survived, gained power, and struck back. They assassinated the lord of the Empire.

Now the Empire will have revenge. They have invaded Avernum, seizing cave after cave and destroying your people. Your land needs a hero, and it needs it now. If you can't find a way to stop them, and soon, you are all doomed.

Screenshots and more information are available at http://www.avernum.com/avernum2/

Avernum 2: Crystal Souls is an epic fantasy role-playing adventure in a unique, massive world, full of strange caves, cunning dungeons, and the alien inhabitants of the underworld. Fight to complete up to three game-winning quests. Explore a massive nation of tunnels and caverns, seeking over 100 towns and dungeons. Master over 60 spells and battle disciplines and hunt for hundreds of magical artifacts. Avernum 2: Crystal Souls is a total, ground-up rewrite of the award-winning indie hit Avernum 2. It will be open for adventuring in Q4, 2014.

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Spiderweb Software, Inc., an Indie game company based in Seattle, WA, is fanatically dedicated to creating fun, exciting fantasy role-playing games for Windows, Macintosh, and the iPad. Past titles include the award-winning Exile, Geneforge, Avernum, and Avadon series. Learn more at www.spiderwebsoftware.com.