Does Star Wars Need a New RPG?

While the article itself is relatively short and doesn't include much of an argument for or against the idea, I think most of us would agree that it's been far too long since Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II was released, and that the question posed by GamersFTW of "Does Star Wars Need a New RPG?" is a valid one as we move into 2015. Personally, I'd love to see an entirely new Star Wars RPG series that's heavily story-driven, features a multitude of character advancement options, and has us leading a full party across the galaxy from an overhead/isometric-like viewpoint:

Star Wars has a countless amount of races and being able to choose one of them would be a frustrating but great decision to be allowed, play as a Wookie and use your brute strength as an advantage against your enemies, play as a Rodian and be the one who shoots first, play as a Mandalorian and use your ancestors vast knowledge of war to rule the galaxy. These are all mouth-watering ideas but they are only ideas, to see them come to life would be a real treat. Being able to play as a Bounty Hunter working any contract the more dangerous the more credits, being able to save the galaxy as one of the greatest Jedi Knights or rule it as a feared and powerful Sith Lord! Or choose both sides of the force and walk your own path as a Dark Jedi, a Star Wars RPG would have endless possibilities of how to play it.