Kingdom Come: Deliverance Interview

In a new interview on XP4T, Warhorse Studios' Jiří Rýdl recently addresses a number of questions about their forthcoming medieval RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance and its focus on real-world content versus any fantasy-based inclusions. Some notable questions and their answers:

XP4T: How did you come up with the idea of making an open-world RPG set in medieval times? And why not an adventure game or an RTS?

J.R.: There are two guys behind the idea Martin Klima and Dan Vavra, game developers with strong RPG background. Have you heard about Original War, Vision (not released) or Mafia? Mafia is definitely well known around the world, and Martin is also co-creator of the best-selling pen&paper RPG in Czech Republic named Dragons Lair. You can see now, that the common project had to be an RPG ;-]


XP4T: How much fantasy will be there in Deliverance? How solid is the factual basis for Deliverance's story and setting?

J.R.: No fantasy at all, there are no dragons or spells! The main story is based on the historical events described in chronicles and other resources, but life of a smith Henry is of course made up by Dan and team of designers. You don't find story of poor peasants in chronicles usually. But it doesn't mean it is not interesting, you can live through very important times of Holy Roman Empire!