Legend of Grimrock II v2.1.17 Patch Released

The team at Almost Human has already rolled out a second major update to Legend of Grimrock II, bringing the dungeon-crawling sequel to version 2.1.17. Further information about how to patch your particular installation can be found in the announcement, and I've included the full patch notes below:

'¢ tweaked a treasure instruction hint
'¢ improved sewer pentomino puzzle reset logic
'¢ fixed some cosmetic issues in levels
'¢ mods: improved support for custom classes, races, skills and spells
'¢ mods: added lots of new scripting functions and hooks
'¢ bug fix: burnt out torch deal fire damage
'¢ bug fix: ghost item appears on the ground when spawning an item into champion's inventory
'¢ bug fix: game can crash while digging in cemetery
'¢ bug fix: saving the game while falling crashes
'¢ bug fix: magma golem's spit attack crashes after loading a save game
'¢ bug fix: block puzzle in sleet island can get into unsolvable state
'¢ bug fix: minor ceiling shaft visual glitch in Ruins of Desarune
'¢ bug fix: fixed typos in item descriptions
'¢ bug fix: an item on a magic bridge sometimes does not fall when the bridge disappears
'¢ bug fix: healing crystals slowly drift from their initial position during the course of the adventure
'¢ bug fix: dungeon editor crashes when '˜['˜ is typed into asset browser's find box
'¢ bug fix: dungeon exporting fails if dungeon contains script entities with external scripts
'¢ bug fix: audio volume is not correct when changing current level immediately after waking up