Kotaku Ranks the Fallout Series from Best to Worst

While there is no mention of Fallout Tactics, Van Buren, or even Interplay's forgettable action RPG, Kotaku has ranked the four "core" Fallout titles in order from what they feel is the best entry to the worst entry. I can't agree with Fallout 3 being ranked #2, but I'm in full support of the #1 rank:

1) Fallout 2

Okay, I'll admit it: this entry has a lot of personal significance for me Fallout 2 altered how I viewed America and its politics, and it gave me a safe space to explore my sexual identity. But objectively, I see it as the pinnacle of what Fallout has to offer: a zany, post-apocalyptic game with an incredible amount of choice, a smart critique of American ideals all packaged in a more cerebral genre than the modern titles. (It's a turn-based RPG.) The modern games feel too easy by comparison, and not in the good way.P

This is a game where bee-lining to final boss in 30 minutes is a viable strategy (it's very difficult, but do-able) or, you can opt to explore for dozens of hours. And if you do decide to explore, you can do all sorts of stuff from becoming a porn star or a made-man, to being able to talk to the AI responsible for ending the world in the great war. It's the sort of freedom and versatility that most modern games that brag about "choice," and "consequences" can't touch.