Legend of Grimrock II Reviews

The favorable reviews of Almost Human's Legend of Grimrock II continue to pile up, with several more emerging over the past few days.  We begin with GameSpot, where they've given the dungeon crawler a 9/10:

Legend of Grimrock II is similar to one of its many well-designed riddles: While solving it may be a long, arduous process, approaching each obstacle with newfound understanding and hearing the victorious click of gears finally turning gives you a feeling of profound pride and accomplishment. Legend of Grimrock II is another glorious glimpse of the past, a window to a genre dead and buried and brought back to life with care and respect, and I urge you to peek through it.

Hardcore Games gives it a 92%:

And delight is a good word for my experience here. I delighted in the way the island asked me to painstakingly reconstruct its mythical narrative, and how pieces of that narrative were embedded in every aspect of the game. I delighted in its combat system, which clicked for me in a way no RPG combat system has since Mount and Blade: Warband. I delighted in feeling like I was grappling with the mind of a mysterious master in solving the many, many puzzles on offer. But more than delight, I got fear, elation, frustration, even anger out of this game. I loved this game. I hated this game. It's amazing.

Examiner gives it a 4/5:

While LoG2 has great game design through teaching the player how to play and great level design. It suffers from bad conveyance. There are plenty of times where you are sitting in an area and going (What do I do? Where do I go?). It really kills the pacing, especially when you are all pumped after looting a tough dungeon. It is still a great game that all RPG fans should at least experience. Fans of old school RPGs will find LoG2's unique take on the genre nostalgic.

The Game Slashers doesn't score it:

Almost Human poured their heart and soul in this game and it shows, Legend of Grimrock 2 is an improvement in any aspect to their previous title and it kept me hooked until the very end. The freedom of movement, the challenging fights, the intelligent puzzles and well hidden secrets, all wrapped up in the mysterious and creepy atmosphere made this game one hell of a gaming pleasure.

Halfbeard's Hud gives it a 4.5/5:

Legend of Grimrock 2 is definitely a worthwhile purchase for any RPG fan, whether you're into the dungeon crawler sub-genre or not. While it still certainly suffers for some of the bugbears of the genre, its interesting open world and deep character creation and progression makes those niggling issues easy to overlook. It'll kick your ass repeatedly in your attempts to unravel all of its secrets but it makes receiving those beatings an enjoyable experience.

Film, Games, Etc. gives it a 4.5/5:

'˜Legend of Grimrock 2' is a great example of a well-executed sequel. There are more choices to make in character creation, in combat and in your approach to puzzles. The combat has received a large dose of complexity and energy and is no longer the boring, easy strafe-fest of the original. The puzzles are more devious and thus more rewarding to solve and the game looks even better now that the change in locales has allowed the developers to really showcase their artistic and technical abilities. Expertly paced, cleverly designed and a great amount of fun to unravel; '˜Legend of Grimrock 2' is a finely crafted toy box of puzzles and combat encounters that has been more rewarding to complete than any RPG I've played this year.

And then Giant Bomb does one of their "Quick Look" videos.