Dark Souls II Patch v1.09 Released

A new patch has been released for Dark Souls II on PC and PlayStation 3 (Xbox 360 will get the patch on October 17th), though despite weighing around 300 mb on PC and 150 mb on consoles, it only fixes a couple of bugs, at least assuming the official changelog is accurate. Keep in mind that the changelog includes some minor spoilers for the latest DLC:

The following fixes, changes, and refinements are included in the update:

ï½¥Bug Fix: In Frozen Eleum Loyce, when fighting the Ivory King, when any of the NPC Loyce Knights dies, the players Sin level went up
oAny users who had their Sin level go up as a result of this bug can reset their Sin level by visiting Cromwell the Pardoner in Brightstone Cove Tseldora and having him pardon your sins. Players may now have their sins pardoned once at a cost of 0 souls.
ï½¥Bug Fix: Users equipped with the Ivory King Ultra Greatsword were able to cause damage by performing a cancel roll near an enemy