Dark Souls II Statistics Tidbits

IGN has been publishing a few tidbits on Dark Souls II based on statistical data they obtained from From Software: apparently players are more likely to co-operate than invade (though I'd imagine that's partially due to the fact that the game lacks an item that grants infinite invasions like Dark Souls' Red Eye Orb), and the boss that's giving the hardest time to the players is Crown of the Old Iron King's Fume Knight.

While the statistics don't take into account the release of the Crown of the Ivory King DLC, I can't imagine any of its bosses could take the crown (pun intended, I'm afraid):

Data provided by From Software reveals that the Fume Knight from Crown of the Old Iron King is statistically the most punishing boss in Dark Souls 2, defeating challengers almost 93 percent of the time. The Fume Knight's toughness is consistent with a general increase in boss difficulty after Dark Souls 2's main campaign. Of the five bosses most likely to defeat players on a per-encounter basis, four originate in the Lost Crowns DLC: Elana the Squalid Queen, Sir Alonne, Sinh the Slumbering Dragon, and the dreaded Fume Knight.