Fable Anniversary PC Review and Impressions

The bulk of the coverage for Fable Anniversary concentrated on the Xbox 360 version released 8 months ago, but we've still managed to find a review and an impression video for the PC port of this remake.

PC Gamer awards the title a 65 out of 100, though the review sounds a lot more positive.

Fable Anniversary hasn't added much to the original formula save achievements and a harder 'Heroic Mode', but that's OK. Updated graphics, improved controls, and a new save system were all that was really needed to tweak Fable for modern players. I could give this to my brother and sister who were in nappies when the original came out and know that they could still get something out of it. They might just roll their eyes at the echoey voice of the Guildmaster telling them their health was low, but then kids are so good at games these days they probably wouldn't hear it nearly as much as I did.

Meanwhile, John "TotalBiscuit" Bain is extremely unimpressed with the state of the PC port, and wonders whether buying the remake is even worth it when the original Fable: The Lost Chapters can easily run on a modern machine in high resolutions: