Hellgate Has Officially Been Greenlit on Steam

While we still don't know when the game will eventually make its way onto Valve's digital download service, it's certainly worth mentioning that the massively multiplayer action RPG has officially been Greenlit by the Steam community. Redbana/T3Fun haven't issued an official statement yet, but one would hope that they will at least clarify what we should expect from the Steam version soon. In a perfect world, I envision them addressing the following points:

- Will any new environments, loot, or other content be added to what's already available in Hellgate Global?
- Will DirectX 10 support be re-implemented and the video lag/stuttering issue finally be addressed?
- Will the cash shop feature more realistic pricing or any refinements whatsoever?
- If players are still this interested in a years-old resurrected game, what are the odds that a true Hellgate sequel will be developed?

Here's to hoping that the team breaks their silence soon.