GB Feature: Quest for Infamy Review

After spending a considerable amount of time with Infamous Quests' crowd-funded Quest for Infamy, the adventure/RPG has become the latest title to be spotlighted in our reviews section. Here's a bit of what Steven had to say about the game:

Quest for Infamy is played using an interface almost identical to the one employed by the VGA version of Quest for Glory I. That is, the world is presented as a series of "scenes" (normally one for each location), where you move your character using the mouse, and you interact with the scenes using the game's eight cursors, including one each for walking, sneaking, running, operating, examining, talking, fighting, and using an inventory object. The cursor isn't context-sensitive, so if you want to talk to somebody you have to switch to the talk cursor, and if you want to look at something you have to switch to the examine cursor, and so forth. There are three ways to switch cursors -- you can right click to cycle through them, you can move the cursor to the top of the screen and choose the icon for the one you want, or you can use a hotkey -- but still, it's not a very convenient system.

The town of Volksville contains most of the quest-givers and shopkeepers in the game, and also the mentor for your class. The mentor guides you through the early part of the game, and gives you a few quests unique to your class. For example, when playing a sorcerer, you have quests to unlock your spells, which require an assortment of odd items, including "flying water" (which is a reference to Quest for Glory I). By talking to Volksville's citizens, you also learn about a strange cult in the area, and the mysterious Eye of Jaager, which eventually lead to your main quest for the game.