Risen 3: Titan Lords Interview

RPGFrance has published an interview with Piranha Bytes veteran Björn Pankratz, the lead game designer on Risen 3: Titan Lords. During the course of the interview, Björn talks about Piranha Bytes' future plans, how Risen 2's fan feedback influenced the third title in the series, the possibility of a return to the Gothic IP, and more. Here's a snippet:

- Risen 3 seems to intend to be much closer to the first opus than to Risen 2. Is it a personal choice from the developers, or are you following the community's reclamations ?
Both of it. With Risen 2 we we wanted to develop a real pirate RPG, so we went too strong into one direction. With Risen 3 we wanted to use all of our forces and of course had a look at what our fans wanted to see, so we made a mixture of fantasy and caribbean setting with a huge world, more choices and interactions

- You say you're intending to emulate all the good sides that made first Gothic games successes. Do you miss these games ? Is a new sequel planned ?
Of course we could imagine making it. But the requirements are really high. If you ask 3 people to tell their opinions about what is Gothic all about, you get 5 answers. That makes it very difficult to make, what the costumers expect from a new Gothic title.

Thanks, NeoGAF.