Hellgate: London, Global, and Tokyo Coming to Steam

If I was to be brutally honest, I'd tell you that I enjoyed Hellgate: London more than I enjoyed Diablo II, despite the former title's many shortcomings in the action RPG-trying-to-be-an-MMORPG department. And that's why it both surprises me and seriously piques my interest to see that Redbana has added Hellgate to the Steam Greenlight program, with the title obviously including all of the content from Hellgate: London, Hellgate Global, and Hellgate: Tokyo in one single package. 

But even more questions abound. Could this mean that more Hellgate content is planned? Is there still hope for a true Hellgate sequel? Might David Brevik ever be swayed to return to the franchise? Alright, that last one is a long shot, but it doesn't stop me from embedding the classic cinematic trailer that Redbana leveraged to celebrate the Steam Greenlight announcement: