Frayed Knights: Adventurer's Guild Blog Post

Given Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon has just been released on Steam, you can well understand why Jay "Rampant Coyote" Barnson is spending quite some time blogging about hiis dungeon crawler recently, and the latest post deals with the idea of the Adventurer's Guild. Here's a snippet:

The guild is sort of a weird idea I came up with long before Frayed Knights. It was me playing with the idea that you could have a world where like in an MMORPG (or, at the time, a MUD) where you have lots of adventurers running around. In the old-school D&D modules, you were always finding the remains of these guys in dungeons the group that tried to tackle the dungeon before you. I thought if there's enough of these guys running around the world, and the successful ones tend to come back loaded down with cash, wouldn't a service industry evolve to help them and help relieve them of some of that hard-earned cash?

Thus, the adventurer's guild.

The guild takes a number of roles in the world of Frayed Knights:

1. It educates adventurers as to (best practices) to survive the threats of a world full of magical and monstrous danger.

2. It informs members of the latest adventuring hot spots, rumors, jobs, etc. (Think Soldier of Fortune magazine).

3. It can act as banking services for adventurers who don't want to cart all their cash around with them.

4. It offers something of a primitive form of insurance as a self-funded bounty for an adventurer's rescue (or the recovery of their body) should they not return on schedule from an expedition.

5. While not really modeled in the game for the sake of convenience to the player, the guild also takes care of buying, selling, and trading magical gear.

6. The guild offers courier services to members

7. Major guildhalls offer temporary lodging for guild members, with the utmost in security that will not be found in your average inn.

8. Looking for group? The guild helps members keep track of each other very important in a profession with a high mortality rate and helping members track groups with openings and members seeking openings in new groups.