Lords of the Fallen Preview and Video Interview

We have some more reading and viewing to do for City Interactive and Deck13's Lords of the Fallen this evening, as another preview and a video interview have emerged for the Tomsaz Gop-led RPG.  Gamereactor kicks things off by chatting with Tomasz about the game's development, lore, weapons, arrangement, and more, and then Mercury News moves forward with the preview:

Getting into the nitty gritty of things, the combat itself does seem to have a different feel from From Software's most recent title. Lords of the Fallen battle system plays looser than Dark Souls version. Circling doesn't feel as tight especially when you're trying to bait out an adversaries attack.

When it comes to Harkyn, the protagonist has the ability to switch classes based on the gear he dons. Players can switch out through the menu or use a D-pad to switch weapons. He can pull out a staff to toss out magic. He can pull out daggers for quick rogue attacks. Despite the range of abilities, the combat still maintains the intensity where every encounter matters and players who aren't careful can die easily.