Lords of the Fallen Website Launched, Interview

Not only has City Interactive and Deck13 doled out a new official website for Lords of the Fallen packed with the usual assets, but there's also a lengthy interview with executive producer Tomasz Gop ready for your consumption over at The Examiner. My interest level continues to rise for the RPG:

"I would say [customization is] probably the most important selling point of this game, so I see a lot of that [in Lords]." Gop laughts, "The general overview of the idea is there are three pillars of combat and character development in Lords of the customization, the freedom and variety [that players will see].

"One of them is magic, I already told you that it is class bound, you have three classes at the beginning and when you choose that class the only thing that you lock down is that skill tree of spells. Then there are attributes, your character's strength, agility, all that stuff and that's class independent. And third one, also totally independent from the class that you choose is the gear, so armor, shields, and weapons - and some of those are craftable on top of that. So all of these three are pools and within each pool, for example, there are nine different sets of weapons each one has a totally different move set and it means different [strategies] so there's quite a lot of that."

After everything though, Gop believes that his time with CD Projekt RED taught him some of the most valuable skillsets out there and he's glad to have been able to bring that to CI Games. "[On The Witcher] I was way more involved with the physical development and the development team. With The Witcher 2 I was more on the messaging side of it. I don't want to say PR because it was more about how you make people aware that when they buy the game in the box they already know what's inside. It's not exactly PR it's more of [making] sure you target certain elements of the game in the right way PR is more about making the game look good, I'm always trying more to be fair than [to] make it look good, if it can be together that's great!

"What I'm trying to say is because of that the most important element that I brought in, at least from my point of view, into Lords of the Fallen is everything that we knew about this game from the beginning, I know how important it is to message that and target that from the very beginning of when you start talking about the game. That's why we didn't start showing the game so early, we waited a bit. . .Here's one of the examples, we will never say that we're going to be making this game mainstream. I still believe that people who like challenging games are going to be the primary target of this game. Of course we do believe that if that's the core audience, we will be slightly beyond the borders of it."