Neverwinter Module 3: Curse of Icewind Dale Launch Date

Not to be confused with the Infinity Engine classics of yore, Perfect World and Cryptic Studios announced plans today to launch a third content patch for Neverwinter entitled "Curse of Icewind Dale" on May 13th. Accompanying the announcement was a new "lore" trailer:

As well as some feature highlights:

'¢ Iconic Icewind Dale Locations: Dwarven Valley, Caer-Konig, and Icewind Pass
'¢ Black Ice: Scattered throughout Icewind Dale, it is the fusion between the sentient Crystal Shard called the Crenshinibon and the surrounding ice of the area. Black Ice has become a major resource within Icewind Dale and players will fight over, harvest, and shape the most powerful gear in the game out of it.
'¢ Two New Opposing Groups: The Ten-Towners and the Arcane Brotherhood each offering players different quests and the ability to harvest Black Ice.
'¢ Open World PvP: Players can enter areas flagged for PvP and earn Black Ice at a faster rate, but will run the risk of being slain by members of the opposing faction.
'¢ New PvE Campaign: New quest lines and Boons will be introduced, as well as the new open world PvE quests called Heroic Encounters which can include over a dozen players at a time.
'¢ New Hunter Ranger Paragon Path: There is a new Paragon Path for the Hunter Ranger class called the Pathfinder. It will open up brand new At-Will, Encounter, and Daily powers, as well as three new Class Features and three new Feats.