Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Reviews

We have rounded up a second batch of reviews for Diablo III's expansion Reaper of Souls, which so far seems to have been positively received from critics.

Gaming Trend, 90/100.

It doesn't take but a glance upwards at the last near-1500 words to see that Reaper of Souls is far more than a single character and a new chapter expansion. So much has changed, and literally all for the better. By taking the chains off of the game mechanics, removing the disruptive Auction House, and refining the game mechanics that serve as the base of Diablo III, Reaper of Souls is finally the loot-grabbing adventure we all wanted.

Inside Gaming Daily, 8/10.

With so many changes to the core game the Diablo III experience today is very different from even a few months after its launch. The adjustments made in the 2.0 patch are enough for former players to make a return trip. Reaper of Souls offers a suitably complete, if uninspiring, revisit to this dark, desolate world. It's darkly beautiful (one day I'd like to walk through these towns as they were originally created and admire the beauty, not the desolation), superbly crafted (as we expect from Blizzard), and fittingly familiar. For mercenaries everywhere, the loot upgrades are probably enough to justify diving back in to this deeply depressing storyline. If you always thought Diablo was (not for you) then move along, nothing to see here.

Forbes, 9.5/10.

It's just plain (hopelessly addictive) fun. Obviously, loot based dungeon crawling kind of has to be your thing, as even with all the new changes to gameplay, it may still feel rather repetitive to outsiders. But I have to imagine that barring any unforeseen issues that may not have cropped up yet, both past and present Diablo fans will be very happy with Reaper of Souls, and with how the game has improved a thousandfold since launch.

Cheat Code Central, 3.6/5.

We have gotten used to games like Borderlands 2's introducing us to whole new areas and multiple hours of new plot in its DLC packs, or BioShock Infinite's DLC expanding on other games in the series and introducing us to new and old characters. Reaper of Souls isn't like that. It's really only giving fans of the original a few more toys to play with. Unfortunately, the $40 price of admission weighs heavy on this title, and the sparse new content doesn't quite justify it. In short, if you weren't a huge Diablo III fan then Reaper of Souls won't change your mind. However, if you enjoyed the original then Reaper of Souls adds a new class, several new environments, and a bunch of replay value. Just be warned, the plot isn't the greatest and you'll likely have to purchase another expansion in the future to finally see some sort of satisfying conclusion.

Finally, while not a review, you might want to check Giant Bomb's Quick Look at the title, which includes half an hour of commented gameplay footage.