The Age of Decadence February Update

A new monthly progress report update has been released on The Age of Decadence forums, making a brief note of what's been implemented and changed lately. Here's a snip:

We've just released update #3 on Steam (the BMT version will be updated in the next few days), which is out 5th update (R4.5) since the second 'chapter' was released. Overall, what we released in November (R4) was a good foundation and we spent the next 3 months building on top of it, adding more characters, quests, dialogues, details, and polish.

If you want to see what's in the update, click here.

We'll continue adding and .xpanding' characters (Kemnebi and Abukar will get more quests, dialogues, and portraits), but now the focus will be on new locations.

We're aiming to add 5 locations in a month's time. Two locations are almost done: Aemolas' village and the Library of Saross, which was slightly changed and expanded from the original design. Inferiae is half done and we're slowly working on the bridge and the portal.

Since we're moving away from the relative safety of towns to ruins and such, we'll add two creatures in the next update as well.