Dark Souls II Gameplay Footage and First Review

German printed magazine M!Games has published what looks to be the first published review for From Software's Dark Souls sequel, and awarded the title a 90% score (for reference, Demon's Souls was 82% and Dark Souls 88%). While unfortunately I don't own a copy of the magazine, NeoGAFfer takoyaki provided a summary. I'm just going to quote the general conclusions to avoid spoilers:

overall: 90%


Sound 7/10
Multiplayer: was not available for the review

Summary: (Congrats From, you made the game more user-friendly WITHOUT MAKING IT EASIER): The weapon upgrading is less obtuse but still offers the same variety, fast-travel between bonfires is availabe from the beginning of the game,... Not much has changed when it comes to the battle-system and leveling up. It's a shame that some areas look worse than other, but DS2 will offer the player an incredibly motivating, addictive experience none the less

Speaking of Dark Souls-related content, PlayStation Access has a video Let's Play with actor Peter Serafinowicz as the guest star. There's a brief spoiler regarding a certain "coffin" in the first areas of the game, but otherwise it's safe to watch as it seemingly include footage from the very early parts of the title.