Shadowrun: Dragonfall Preview

Kotaku has published a hands-on preview for Shadowrun: Dragonfall, the Berlin expansion to last year's Shadowrun Returns, and seems fairly enthusiastic about the NPC companions that have been implemented for this campaign:

Take Dietrich here, for instance good old, reliable Dietrich. Used to be some sort of musician or something. Now he runs the streets, flicking completely ineffective knives at his enemies when he's not casting much more effect healing and damage spells. He's a keeper.

Then there's the enigmatic Glory, a mysterious, seemingly emotionless Street Samurai, enhanced with tech that was ancient before she was born. Been trying to get her to open up to me, without much success. She'll crack.

Ah, Blitz the newbie of the group. We pulled his ass out of a fire directly into an even larger fire. Whoops. He's got big shoes to fill.

And Eiger? The jury's still out. Let's just say we got off on the wrong foot, and now she wants to run that foot over repeatedly and remotely.

What's wonderful about these characters? I didn't have to look any of that up. They made so much of an impression on me over the course of the limited demo I played through (maybe 2 hours), that they might as well be at my house, seated around my dining room table, eating all of my snack food.