Grim Dawn Grim Misadventures #38 and #39

It's time to check in for two more installments to the Grim Misadventures series over on the official Grim Dawn forums, with entries #38 and #39 focusing on the iterating they're doing with Act 2 and the UI changes they've been working on for the game. The included screenshots are important for the latter, but I'll quote the text to give you a better idea of what to expect:

Yup, we updated the UI! A few weeks ago, we showed you an early glimpse of the Crafting UI prototype. That UI has now been updated in preparation for the crafting update (coming after Act 2).

With the crafting UI finished, we came to the conclusion that our other UI elements could also use a bit of refinement. With that in mind, we unleashed Allminoxy on the rest of the UIs.

There was one major element though that we have heard comments on for quite some time in our forums, and that is the HUD. We always intended to return to our HUD's design and that time has finally come. The Health and Energy bars have been separated, moving the minimap to the top right. We also added a larger version of the minimap for those that want to be able to view a larger portion of the area at all times.