Kingdom Come: Deliverance Updates #13-14, £702,307 and Counting

Two more updates have popped up since we last checked for Kingdom Come: Deliverance's Kickstarter campaign, and while one of them covers statistics and isn't all that interesting, the other one includes a video diary on combat that's well worth checking.

This time we are bringing you something special: twelve minute video about our combat system. Good combat mechanics is at the heart of every RPG and we are very proud of ours. It's based on real-time collision detection and inverse kinematics; technologies that were difficult to use for game-critical mechanics on previous generation hardware. The result is a combat experience that looks and feels believable and natural, yet is not constrained to few sets of canned animations that have to be executed in perfect synchronization. The system seamlessly integrates things like interaction with environments, different heights of opponents or uneven terrain. Our combat is a blend of tactics and timing, skills of the player and stats of the character.