Kingdom Come: Deliverance Update #8, £567,480 and Counting

The latest Kickstarter update for Kingdom Come: Deliverance serves as an introduction for a new digital reward tier, the Viscount tier. Here's a snip from the update:

By popular demand we have added a digital equivalent of the special edition, the Viscount tier. With this tier you can get certain unique digital goodies: some of them stand in for their physical counterparts in the physical special edition: high resolution uncompressed image file with our poster, a PDF version of the Art book and 3D model of the Action figure for 3D printers.

Two digital rewards in this tier have no counterparts in the current physical editions: high-res map of the game world and PDF screenplay a hundreds of pages long document that will have been used to record all dialogues in Act I.

We think that these two things could be valuable to other backers as well, so we shall be adding them to all tiers from Earl upwards. Kickstarter does not (for obvious reasons) allow the project creators to alter the description of rewards once somebody pledges for it, so we won't be able to update the tiers descriptions. The image that visualizes tiers and rewards should have the correct information though.