Kingdom Come: Deliverance Updates #3-5, £453,700 and Counting

The reasons the team turned to Kickstarter, a smattering of new reward tiers, and a list of stretch goals were the subjects of the latest Kickstarter updates for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the upcoming (there are very few doubts about its release now, so I feel comfortable in using that word) open-world medieval RPG from Warhorse Studios.

The first stretch goal (live in-game period music) has already been reached, and I don't doubt at least a few of the others will be unlocked:

400,000 Live In-Game Period Music
In-game music will be live medieval music recorded by local Czech masters, note for note from ancient song books.

500,000 Symphonic Orchestra Soundtrack
Soundtrack for cutscenes will be recorded by a live symphonic orchestra.

600,000 Playable Female Character
We get a lot of questions about being able to play as a female. Our original story was built around a male character, a young blacksmith, and we cannot simply change it. However, we would like to offer this opportunity in another way. If we can raise £600,000 we shall add a line of quests into our game where you can play as a young woman that saves the lead character in the beginning of the game. She's smart, courageous and good at stealth.

700,000 Performance Motion Capture
Motion capture is one of the most expensive parts of development. If we reach this goal, we will be able to capture actors with the latest and greatets technology on the market and capture not only their body movement, but also the facial animations and voices at the same time. This will deliver the best natural looking cutscenes and dialogue possible. If you saw Ryse, we talk about the same quality here.

800,000 Coming Soon?

1,000,000 Coming Soon?