Star Wars: KotOR III: Here's How, Who, and Why

I very much doubt that EA and BioWare will ever bring us another single player Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, particularly since LucasArts is no more, but I certainly won't complain when I see others at VGU.TV clamoring for a third installment as many of us have done for several years now. A couple of paragraphs:

Just because the Sith Triumvirate was defeated at the end of KotOR II doesn't mean evil is gone from the known systems. For all we know, there could be a dark Jedi that is gaining followers and power to attack the recovering Jedi Order and struggling Republic in an attempt to take advantage of the power vacuum left behind by the Sith Triumvirate and any remaining Sith in the galaxy. The story of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast comes to mind when thinking about a new KotOR game. A renegade apprentice or padawan who is extremely gifted with the force breaking away and, like I said before, gaining followers and thus creating an army could pose a real threat to a recovering Republic and galaxy. This could be just one of the countless possibilities for a new KotOR game.

Just because The Old Republic is out there doesn't mean you can't tell new stories in this rich timeline. There are also a lot of planets that the series can visit that are both mainstays and new ones. Dantooine and Nar Shaddaa come to mind. There are also planets such as Coruscant and Corellia that can be traveled to. Again both of those planets appear in The Old Republic but there's only so much that can be done. It would also be nice to go back to Dantooine and see how things have progressed since the Jedi Exile's visit in KotOR II.

With the track record of BioWare, the Mass Effect series was revolutionary despite what you hear from people regarding the ending of the third game. Just imagine if you can, the best from Mass Effect coalescing with the best of KotOR. This depends on if the game would be made in a style like Mass Effect 2 & 3, or in the style of something like the first Dragon Age game. Because whether you see it or not Dragon Age mechanically was the spiritual successor to KotOR. Regardless, I can easily see KotOR making the leap to a Mass Effect kind of game while still retaining what makes it great.