Lords of the Fallen Class Development Details

The guys over at OnlySP managed to catch up with City Interactive's Tomasz Gop for an interview regarding Lords of the Fallen, and while the Q&A itself hasn't yet been posted, they've at least given us a few morsels regarding the game's classes and progression system. Read on:

According to Gop, on top of the traditional Cleric/Rogue/Fighter class trinity, Lords of the Fallen will follow a (three pillar) system for character class development magic, gear, and stats. Magic is the only one of the three bound to class, with Clerics preferring HP regeneration, Rogues focusing on stealth and critical hits, and Fighters looking to buff defense. Once a class is chosen, then their potential magic choices are streamlined to their class.

More freely, any class can boost any stat with XP, but certain stats are more important to certain classes.

Gear, which represents armour, weapons, and shields, has natural affinities with certain classes, but can be used by any character, regardless of class. Most of the gear in Lords of the Fallen can be found through exploration, although it can also be crafted.