Unconfirmed: Game of Thrones Title in Development at Telltale Games

There's obviously no clear indication of whether it will be a role-playing game and the news is simply a rumor at this point, but it's definitely worth mentioning that IGN is reporting that The Walking Dead creators Telltale Games are currently working on a new Game of Thrones video game. If true, this would accompany Bigpoint's Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms (which is an RPG) as the in-development games at the moment:
We reached out to Telltale and received the following statement from Steve Allison, SVP of Publishing:

(We get these sorts of rumors about what we could be working on next cropping up all the time. Officially we have no comment.)

Telltale has a long history of licensed properties, ranging from Jurassic Park to Back to the Future and, more recently, The Walking Dead and Fables. In October, Telltale CEO Dan Connors said that Telltale (can't wait) to announce its upcoming projects, and noted that it's working on licenses that (definitely fall into our dream IP scenario.) Interestingly, Martin's Game of Thrones books famously tell the story from a different character's point of view in each chapter, a strategy Telltale recently tried out in The Walking Dead's 400 Days DLC.

Telltale's Game of Thrones game joins other recent Game of Thrones projects including browser-based MMO Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms from Bigpoint, the Game of Thrones RPG from Atlus, and strategy title Game of Thrones: Genesis from Focus Home Interactive.
If true, I'd expect this to be announced before Season 4 kicks off.