Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore Kickstarter Update #11, $92,717 and Counting

The latest Kickstarter update for Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore includes a gameplay video, a new stretch goal for a classless character, and an update on the backer catacombs (putting it like that doesn't make it sound like a reward I'd want to take) among other things. Here's an excerpt:
Alternate Ending Unlocked

As a very welcome side-effect of the fresh backer influx today, we have also breezed past the 2,500 backers this morning, which means, we have now unlocked the Fourth Ending goal, adding even more variety to the game, and replayability, of course. Very cool! We are very excited to put this in the game for you.

New Goal: The Classless Character

With this goal obliterated, we are now moving on to yet another goal and it is one a number of you have requested. When we reach 3,500 backers, we will add a new Character Class to the game. Actually, it will be not a class. rather a sort of un-class, really. well, how do you best say this? We will add a Classless Class to the game.

How does this work in practice? When you pick a class in the game, it automatically ties your character to certain abilities and limitations. Since each class has certain modifiers that determine the character's traits and abilities, this can be cumbersome at times, and get in the way of the character you REALLY want to play.

The Classless Character gets around these limitations. It is a middle-of-the-road kind of character with no real strengths, but also no real weaknesses. His class modifiers will all be zero, and only the race modifiers are applied to the character. He is a carte blanche, giving the player the opportunity to really shape him any which way he wants to.

However, when creating such a character, one has to keep in mind that despite its overall flexibility, the classless character has limitations. While he may be a magic user, he will not have access to all spells, however. Dedicated Wizardry spells will be available to Wizards only, while certain fighting techniques will be available only to Warriors, and so forth. Therefore, the classless character plays more of a supporting role in the game to complement other companions in the party, but to that end, he might be one mighty fellow you would not want to miss.