GB Feature: The Dark Eye: Demonicon Review

After changing publishing and development hands a couple of times, The Dark Eye: Demonicon was finally brought to the masses by Kalypso Media and Noumena Studios late last month. We've been spending quite a bit of time with the RPG since then, and that's led to a full three-page review that you can reference as you make up your mind on whether or not to make the purchase:
Each time you talk to someone, you get a circle of possible responses, numbered from 1 to 6, and you can either click on the response you want or press the associated number key for it to say it to the person you're talking to. Conversations aren't timed, and while the response text you see is only a taste of what your character will actually say, it was a rare occurrence for my character to say something the opposite of what I intended. Most of the time the responses are just requests for more information, but sometimes you get responses that require your talents. For example, when accepting a quest, you might receive a fast talk response that allows you to request a better reward.

Along with conveying information, conversations also allow you to accept quests. The main questline is completely linear, and while there are some side quests, you only accept them and turn them in at bulletin boards, and they don't do anything to add depth to the world you're in or the characters you meet. For example, at one point you're tasked with finding five pearls. You get a sentence or two about why you should look for them, and then you get some adventure points after you've found them. That's it.