The Dark Eye: Demonicon Reviews

We have rounded up a couple of additional reviews for Kalypso Media's The Dark Eye: Demonicon, an action-RPG set in the same setting that gave us extremely enjoyable RPGs such as Drakensang, its prequel The River of Time, and the Realms of Arkania trilogy.

Gaming Bolt, 7/10.
Overall, The Dark Eye: Demonicon is a game of choice, consequence, and emotional attachment all wrapped up in a blanket of darkness, violence and grim. Invest your time and money into it but only if you are a big fan of the genre.

Geek Pride, 3/5.
Ultimately, Demonicon makes you work for its love. It can be a bit of a bitch to play, with enemies often seeming vastly superior to you among other things, and at times I definitely felt frustrated by it, but if you stick with it, it's definitely worth the play. There's a fair amount that could be improved about the game, but once you've dealt with the fact that it was created on a smaller budget than mainstream titles, it's easier to get on with simply enjoying the warped path you are led down. Demonicon may come with a bit of a learning curve but it's one that, in the end, pays off in a wonderfully dark way.