The Dark Eye: Demonicon Livestream Ongoing, Game Accidentally Released Earlier

In case you want to see some live gameplay of The Dark Eye: Demonicon, this is your lucky day as a Twitch livestream of the title hosted by a couple of devs from Noumena Studios has just started. While it's not quite a gameplay demo, it should help you make up your mind on whether the game is worth its asking price of €29.99/€39.99/£29.99/$39.99 (currently discounted to €26.99/€35.99/£26.99/$35.99), before its tomorrow release.

However, I should also note that our user Uriel718 has been able to download and play the title immediately after a pre-purchase on Steam today. Considering the game is meant for a worldwide release on PC tomorrow I'm guessing it was some kind of mistake, though whether that will be corrected or not, considering we're only one day away from release anyway, remains to be seen.