Deathfire: Ruins of Nethermore Team Expands, New Screenshots

To accompany a new developer blog entry on the official website regarding the team's expansion, Guido Henkel and the growing team at G3 Studios have released two new screenshots that depict "the additional polish that has been applied to the visual presentation of our scenery in Unity3D." A snip from the blog:
As work continues on (Deathfire,) I wanted to let you know, that our team has been growing in the past weeks, allowing us to focus on more areas of the game and, naturally, to tackle more of the workload.

In order to illustrate some of the scripted events in the game, we are working with Adriano Batista, a well-respected freelance comic book artist from Brazil, who has worked on comic book series such as (Vampirella,) (Red Sonja,) (Battlestar Galactica) and (Lady Death) among others. In addition, he has also provided pre-production art and character designs to computer games such as (League of Legends) by Riot Games and others.

Thomas Kronenberg has also joined the (Deathfire) team recently, and with his extensive Unity experience he has quickly become the driving force behind trying to tickle the maximum potential out of the engine. Thomas has worked on countless games before, including the (Sacred) series and many others.

The latest addition is Michael Flad, a programmer I have been working with for many years. In fact, Michael was one of the programmers on (Shadows over Riva) and has also worked with Marian and myself on (Herrscher der Meere,) but was also part of other projects, such as (Gothic 3.) He is a very experienced and versatile programmer with well over a dozen games under his belt.

More and more, the (Deathfire) team feels like a homecoming to me, because in one capacity or another I have worked with virtually all team members before, and most of us actually go back together as far as (Shadows over Riva.) It is a cool feeling to (put the old gang) back together, in a sense, and to see how the magic is beginning to happen.