The Age of Decadence Interview

The role-playing enthusiasts over at are offering up some recent comments made by Iron Tower's Vince D. Weller about The Age of Decadence and its eventual release, and while the comments themselves are in Russian (translation here), they were also kind enough to send us over some English language snippets. Here we go:
"There are three towns (in total) in the game. That's where all the scheming, plotting, and back-stabbing take place. So, from this point of view, each town is roughly 33% of all that goodness. There are 20+ locations in the game. The + stands for minor stops that we don't count as locations. The first demo had 3: Teron, the raiders' camp, and the mine.

The second demo has 7: Maadoran, the Abyss, the tomb, the mountain pass, the Ordu camp, the tower of Zamedi, and another raiders' camp. So, that's 10, which is 50%. If you like exploring old places that should have stayed buried (similar to the tower and the Abyss), the endgame is where it's at."

We didn't plan to release anything else after the first proper demo (i.e. not the combat one), but it took us longer than we thought and we want to give something to those who have pre-ordered the game, as a way to thank them for their support, since many people have asked for some kind of 'beta participation' or 'early access'.

The upcoming release will be for those who have pre-ordered the game. Our main concern here is not to get more sales, but to thank those who have supported us and had faith in us. Giving them something to play is the priority here. We'd like to update the first demo as well, so most likely it will be released as well (at a later time). 'Most likely' and 'at later time' because these things take time and time is in a very short supply. Nick and Oscar work day and night, literally.

"Early Access"?

"We'll talk to Valve when the demo is ready (I assume they will want to evaluate it). If they agree to put it on Steam right away, great. If not, oh well... Like I said, our priority is to thank our supporters. "

Achievements & Collectible Cards:

"Achievements and what? Cards? What kind? Anyway, I'm getting old and not as 'hip' as I once was and way behind the new age crap. We'd like to have achievements - in a sense we already have them in the game in form of reputation perks: Kingslayer, Silver-Tongued Devil, Infiltrator, Kingmaker, Collector, The Chosen One, etc.

I believe that achievements are a great tool for the developers as a great feedback mechanism, but they should be treated seriously. None of that 'Equipped a Weapon!", "Killed a Rat!", "Accepted Your First Quest - If Only Mom Could See You Now!"

We are also interested in finding out what it would cost possible "Early Access" on Steam.

"$25, same as before. I'm not against discounts or selling for less, but we started taking pre-orders at $25 and have to stick with it for now. I don't want to be in a situation where people who supported us when we needed it the most end up paying the highest.

I feel that $25 is a fair price for what we're offering. If someone disagrees, he can always torrent it."