Might & Magic X: Legacy Scout Class Profile

The regular coverage over on the official Might & Magic X: Legacy developer blog continues with the addition of this profile for the Scout class, a Dwarf-only profession that wields crossbows and relatively potent fire and earth magic. An excerpt from the blog entry:
The Advanced Class of the Scout

Scouts who have survived a dozen or so adventures on the surface of Ashan and whose tales have reached the ears of all the Dwarf Clans, are given the title of Pathfinders. It is said that Arkath guides their steps and that they are never truly lost, for each step is leading them to a chance for a fight, fortune and glory.

Active Ability: Snaring Shot

The Pathfinder performs a ranged attack with his crossbow, immobilizing the first target for one turn.

Why would you want to have a Scout in your party?

Scouts are a stout, yet astonishingly flexible class that excels at ranged combat with crossbows while retaining fair melee, casting and tactic abilities.