Good vs. Evil: The Star Wars Games That Let You Choose

IGN has taken the time to briefly profile each of the Star Wars video games that have presented us with the opportunity to join the Light or Dark Side in this new "Good vs. Evil: The Star Wars Games That Let You Choose" editorial. Of course, that means we have some more reading to do for Star Wars: Galaxies, Knights of the Old Republic, The Sith Lords, and SWTOR:
Knights of the Old Republic finally did the wider Star Wars universe justice with a sprawling role-playing experience, wherein your myriad choices be they physical actions or dialogue selections influenced your leaning towards the light or dark side of the Force. And those changed the way your character acted and how the narrative progressed. The morality system might seem limited today compared to BioWare's own Mass Effect, but KOTOR remains an important part of both Star Wars and general gaming history. Obsidian's Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (2004) kept the approach for another stellar, albeit not-quite-as-classic quest.


Shut down just days before The Old Republic went live in 2011, Sony Online Entertainment's Star Wars Galaxies was the first franchise MMORPG, and it successfully ran for more than eight years. Players who chose the Jedi profession in the game could opt to unlock skills on the dark side of the upgrade chart, which led to abilities like Remorseless Nature, Wracking Energy, and Force Choke. These more aggressive options helped define your presence in the world and the way you interacted with others.