Borderlands 2 Headhunter DLC Previews

News has been trickling out from PAX about Borderlands 2's upcoming DLC.  First announced back in July, we're now seeing the first details of the add-on, which looks to be very much in the style of the original Borderlands DLC pack, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned.  It keeps with the same undead, monster and horror themes, and pitches you against a frenzied boss fight against a giant Jack-O-Lantern monster.  Skewed 'n Reviewed shares their impressions here:
This boss was a huge Jack O Lantern figure with flames and fiery pumpkins that made battling him and his minions in the pumpkin patch visually entertaining. We were told that there would be some new skins and customizations for players but what really was interesting is being able to wear a custom skin based on characters from the game.

While the boss was a challenge, he was not as difficult as some of the enemies I faced during the last DLC but no sooner had we dispatched the boss, then his flying head took to the skies of Pandora and forced us to deploy a new strategy.

For me it was to bring the second gun into play and in no time we had reduced good old Jack to shreds.

With the completion of the four previous DLC offerings, we were told that packs would be released on an individual basis at this point onwards as developers do not want to announce a new season and be locked into delivering a specific number of DLC campaigns in a certain timeframe.
Adding to this, IGN has video footage of the new DLC available right here, for those who are looking for more Borderlands 2 action.