The Best BioWare Characters, According to GameInformer

Judging from the list the editors at GameInformer have put together, I have to guess that they really appreciate BioWare's knack for humor, as a large chunk of their favorite characters from the studio fill the role of comic relief. That said, there are some outliers too:
Garrus Vakarian (Mass Effect)

He's one of the most appreciated party members for a reason: He's got the reach. Jokes aside, Garrus has enough charisma to top all the rest of the Mass Effect cast. His laid-back nature is calming, and his sarcasm brings some much-needed levity. On one hand, you have the tough-as-nails turian who likes to shoot bottles off the top of the Citadel. On the other, you have the caring guy who'd be right at your side should anything happen. Loyal to the very end, Garrus has catapulted to the bro of all bros.


Jolee Bindo (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic)

A cranky old man who hacks the hell out of enemies is hard to top. In fact, he almost beats HK-47 for his power with sarcasm, as Jolee Bindo's self-ridicule is part of his charm. But Jolee Bindo will perhaps never live down his infamous line, "I did it all for the Wookiees!" He often goes off-topic in conversation and thinks it's his right to do it because he's old. Hey, who said his stories had to have a point? He also has a deeper arc that involves trying to face his past and he knows the true identity of Revan, but nobly keeps it to himself.

Wild Flower (Jade Empire)

While Jade Empire has some interesting characters in its foray, Wild Flower is one of the more unique ones. She's a very straightforward 8-year-old girl, who is unfortunately possessed by two different spirits: one good, one evil. Part of what makes her such a delight is seeing this child's interpretation and perspective on all the complex issues you face and what the spirits are telling her to say. As the journey goes on, it becomes a game of the two disparate perspectives talking through her, but part of the fight is trying to give Wild Flower the freedom and life she deserves.

Thanks, RPGWatch.