Dark Souls II Interview

The folks at ClickOnline have conducted an interesting email Q&A with Dark Souls II's director Yui Tanimura which touches on the finer aspects of gameplay. Unfortunately, the replies aren't always written in the clearest possible English, but it's still well worth a read:
Will melee spells or inherently magic weapons (i.e. Moonlight Greatsword, Dark Hand) have more or a presence in Dark Souls II? Will they be a viable option for an entire playthrough, for instance?

Melee Spells and inherently magic weapons will be positioned as weapons with specific great effects in Dark Souls II as well. This can be said about all the weapons, however, it can't be effective in every circumstance. Its efficiency to the situation should be well judged.


Will the previously announced destructible environments open up combat options as well as hidden paths? Can you give an example if so?

It is developed in that direction. A hidden route explored only by a precise enemy attack is one of the examples.

Will there be a chance to talk or negotiate your way out of combat via dialogue trees or other options?

There will be simple responses like YES/NO, same as the last title. However there will be nothing like dialogue trees.

Thanks, RPGWatch.