Hellgate 2 Concept Art, Official Announcement Incoming?

We've known that HanbitSoft is actively developing a Hellgate: London sequel since our interview with project manager Namo Kang back in 2011, but now GameMeca has scored some initial details and concept art suggesting that an official announcement just might be imminent. Here's the Google Translation:
'Hellgate: London' a sequel to 'Hellgate 2 "was released the identity of the first. Mecca covering the 18th game is the current 'Hell Gate 2' online and mobile version is being developed at the same time turned out to be. A senior official of Hanbit Soft 'Hell Gate 2' of the two platforms being developed, and will be featured this year, said first mobile version.

"Hell Gate 2" Mobile version previous' Hellgate: London (the Hell Gate) "and" Hell Gate 2 "Online is the time to bridge. "Hell Gate 2" Mobile temporal background just before the gates of hell from the time of the London and Cross 'Hell Gate 2', marking the beginning of the story drawn. Background from the previous time dealing with the story, because after 30 years' Hellgate two 'mobile' Hellgate 'and' Hell Gate 2 "Online is the mid-point of 1.5 can be said.

Based on this view of the world that 'Hell Gate 2' s mobile and online versions of the previous genre succeed. TPS system to match the target compound close to the action genre with a total of six jobs are expected to emerge. The graphics are more upgrades. The Havok engine developed in previous work dwaeteuna 'Hellgate 2' online and mobile versions are being developed by the Unreal Engine 3. This sophisticated lighting effects and a variety of possible interaction objects, outstanding graphics effects, and more are expected to show.

The 'Hell Gate 2' mobile operation method according to the characteristics of the platform adopts a shooting and action is being developed to allow easy access. Senior officials 'Hellgate 2' mobile operations existing mobile TPS severe stress and adopts a very different operation method can taste the touch screen will offer the best operation feeling said.

In addition, 'Hell Gate 2' predecessor and successor Mobile simply connecting the world of media as well as the role of "Hell Gate 2 'in conjunction with the online version and data is provided a new play environment.

First, the online version and the mobile version of the item, the material collected, guild, mail, and other basic system of data storage is shared. These systems work together to put an emphasis on mobile usability oriented. The advantage of mobile platforms, which allow easy access anywhere, anytime in the game, both versions gamers to use a variety of systems that are being developed will be useful.

Exist independently of the battle and the world, but through the interaction will be able to enjoy the new content. For example, in the mobile version of the online version of Kill bosses bosses to deal with the same time to get the side effect will be provided.

Also, if you upgrade to the final stages of skill, in the online version of the same family, such as a hidden skill that appeared to receive the bonus is being developed. If certain conditions are met were locked hidden content is provided free-play environment, and new mobile version of this function that applies only in the online version rather than the vice versa is true.

Interoperability between the two platforms described above, rather than an essential element of the hidden bonus content available is a selection factor hagekkeum gamers planning less stressful in a way that has been made.

"Hell Gate 2 'to be released the first version of the mobile gamers accumulate enough data become available at a later date online version is expected to be interoperable. "Hell Gate 2 'will be released this year, mobile and online version has not been set.

And then there's a list of factoids over at Hellgate Resurrection:
- The game is being developed for both the PC and mobile platforms (Android?).

- The android(?) version will feature much of the same stuff you find in the PC version. It will apparently be a "prequel" that takes place in London 30 years prior to the demonic apocalypse. It will be mostly a TPS that uses touch screen elements.

- The game is apparently meant to be played via both versions. For example, if you do something in the mobile version (beat a boss), you can then use it to boost your character in the online version. Furthermore, "hidden content" can be unlocked for the PC version via playing the game on the mobile version.

- To further emphasize this, you can use your characters in both versions of the game. You also can access your storage, guilds, achievements and other features across both versions of the game.

- The PC version may or may not also be part of the prequel storyline. It will still take place in London. It has been developed using the Unreal 3 Engine and Havok. It will feature better graphics, improved lighting and more destructible objects than in Hellgate: London/Global.

- The game is being mentioned as a: "TPS". There are mentions of melee action, but the label "ARPG" is sorely missing from the descriptions.

- Six classes will be playable in both versions of the game. Presumably the 6 from HG:L will be returning.

- The mobile version of the game will be previewed/released later this year. There isn't any given date on when the PC version will be previewed/become available.