Chaos Chronicles Release at Risk Due to Conflict with BitComposer

In a communication on the Chaos Chronicles official forums, project lead Peter Ohlmann revealed that, due to a "conflict between [Coreplay] and bitComposer" the release of the turn-based role-playing game is at risk. Development has apparently stopped earlier this year, so even if the dispute is solved, the title will miss its Summer release window. Here's the full post:
I don't want to keep you guys from writing those excellent fiction, but the current unsettled situation with Chaos Chronicles is solely based on a conflict between us and bitcomposer. At the current state the completion and release of the game is uncertain since our last attempt to find some agreement failed due the disappointment that we haven't heard back from bitcomposer after holding a long (and constructive) meeting.

Obviously, the game won't be released in this summer because bitcomposer stopped the development earlier this year through an legal injunction(which has been recalled later). The next few weeks will finally decide if the game will see the day of light or not.

This is enormously disappointing to hear, especially considering how promising the game looked, and we certainly hope that the conflict with BitComposer will be solved and the game released as planned (even if with a little delay).

Thanks, RPGCodex.

Update: There's an online petition to resume development you can sign. Frankly speaking, petitions almost never have an effect, but if you're passionate about the project it's certainly worth a try. It worked with the PC version of Dark Souls, after all! Credit goes to JackDandy for pointing it out to us.