Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic iPad Review

Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead has recently chimed in and offered his take on the iPad port of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and if you, like me, are allergic to scores and don't necessarily accept the 9/10 at the end as shorthand for his thoughts on the title, you might want to read a brief snippet before concluding that he is, indeed, enthusiastic about this re-release.
Knights of the Old Republic effortlessly balances a free-roaming adventure that lets you inhabit the Star Wars universe and make meaningful choices, visiting iconic locations with a fresh perspective, all while unfolding a multi-layered narrative that culminates in one of the best gaming plot twists of all time. The overriding structure - linear intro, followed by three interchangeable main questlines, followed by a big endgame - was slightly dulled by repetition in Jade Empire and Mass Effect, but there's no denying it works, offering enough room to find your own way along with the reassuring guide rail of an ongoing story.

It's simply a great game, one of the first to really shake up the story-driven action RPG and see what it could do. And now it's on the iPad, an incredibly exciting fact made all the more thrilling for the simplicity of its release. No long teases, no "TBC Q4" nonsense. It was announced and then it was out, one of the most irresistible impulse purchase on the App Store.


That these are the only stumbles in an otherwise superb conversion mean that Knights of the Old Republic on the iPad is ridiculously easy to recommend. It's a true classic, not only one of the best games ever to carry the Star Wars brand but one of the best RPGs of all time. The ability to carry this classic with you and play it wherever and whenever you choose is proof that we are, indeed, living in amazing times.