Bethesda's Next Project Not Unveiling Any Time Soon, According to Pete Hines

It's very likely the team at Bethesda Game Studios is hard at work on Fallout 4, but it might be a while before we get to hear anything about it, as Pete Hines, VP of PR and Marketing at Bethesda Softworks, has pointed out to Official Xbox Magazine in a brief chat at E3 that the project isn't quite ready to be announced any time soon:
Hines also advised caution, despite his optimism about the project. "I get to see it and it's already really awesome, but it's probably helpful to note that anyone who thinks that what he's working on next is going to be talked about soon doesn't understand game development.

"They just announced that they're moving the whole team onto something else. Give these guys time and space, expect it never and be surprised if it's any time before then."

"Arkane, id and all of these guys, they work on really big projects that are ambitious, and it just takes them awhile to get to speed. You know how we are; we like to show what we're up to, not just put something up and there's no substance to it. It's going to be a while."