Quest for Infamy Post-funding Updates #38-43

Since we last checked, a whole new batch of post-funding updates have gone live for Quest for Infamy on Kickstarter, touching on a variety of subjects: a new demo (here and here, with another update covering a Mac version of it), coverage of the title, the announcement that the game will be on GOG on launch and more assorted things.

Here's a snip on the GOG partnership:
I'm very, very pleased to announce that has partnered with Infamous Quests, and will be carrying Quest For Infamy upon it's launch! This is a very big deal for us - thank you to all who went over they to vote for us on their wishlist. They've been nothing but amazing to us, and I know this is that start of a great partnership! We're already a GoG affiliate on our site, so we look forward to a great relationship over the years! The game will also be available on other platforms, and directly from us - more details on other platforms to come!