Frayed Knights 2 Gets "The Khan of Wrath" Subtitle, FAQ

After choosing what is possibly the most hilarious title for a videogame bar none (well, okay, depending on your sense of humor this might be highly debatable), Jay Barnson, aka Rampant Coyote, has whipped up a FAQ for his Frayed Knights sequel, which should give you a pretty good overview of the first-person party-based indie RPG features. Here's a generous excerpt:
Q: Is this using the same engine as the first game?

A: Not unless I redo the first game using the all-new engine at some point. :0 We've started over. not quite from scratch, but close enough, using Unity this time around. The underlying game rules have changed somewhat, but aside from some radical changes to the interface, Frayed Knights veterans should be at home in the new game.

Q: What about my characters from Frayed Knights: The Skull of S'makh-Daon? Will I still be able to import them into Frayed Knights 2: The Khan of Wrath?

A: Yes, although you may need to manually reallocate some points, as there will be changes to several of the feats from the previous game. It may go so far as to unspend all of your feat points, for simplicity's sake, so you can re-buy what you need. Also, some items may go away or be changed from how they worked in FK1. Additionally, some of the choices you made in the first game may come back to haunt you in game 2.


Q: What's the level range will Khan of Wrath?

A: Right now, we're targeting level 10 through around level 20, though you may be able to progress a little above that.

Q: What if I never played the first game?

A: As much as I'd LOVE for you to play the first game, too, it will be far from necessary to enjoy the Khan of Wrath. New players should be able to pick up with the sequel without even needing to know the first game existed. You know how The Skull of S'makh-Daon referred back to previous adventures of the Frayed Knights prior to the beginning of the game? It'll be just like that. All important information will be repeated, so nobody should feel lost.


Q: Wait, did you say six characters?

A: Yes, yes I did.

Q: Who else do you play in the game, besides Arianna, Benjamin, Chloe, and Dirk?

A: Someone who's name begins with an E. And someone who's name begins with an F. And one with a G. And one with an H. Possibly others, but we're not promising anything beyond that.


Q: Will the game be available on the Mac this time? How about Linux?

A: Yes and yes. Part of the switch to the new engine (using Unity) was to make sure we have solid, mature multi-platform support this time around. We were hit by some unpleasant surprises last time, and want to make sure that doesn't happen again. To that end, we're shooting for releasing all versions of the game simultaneously (or as close to simultaneously as we can swing it).

We're also planning releases for tablets and for the Ouya, but those will probably not be not be released simultaneously with the PC versions.

Q: So when's the Khan of Wrath going to be released?

A: Alas, it's not happening this year. But we hope to be in serious testing by the end of the year. I was really pushing for that, but real life conspired to kick me about six months behind schedule. It's the trouble that comes with being a part-time indie.