Neverwinter Icespire Peak Zone Preview

There's a quick media-laden preview of Neverwinter up for grabs over at, and this time the featurette focuses entirely on the game's Icespire Peak zone. There isn't a whole lot of text to be had, but I'll quote what I can:
Hrimnir, favored of the winter titan Thrym, commands the bitter forces of winter on Icespire Peak, sending wave after wave of frost goblins, winter wolves, ice trolls, and frost giants at the Icehammer dwarves. Icespire Peak has become the stage for confrontation between Hrimnir's army and the resilient dwarves, and a place for stalwart adventurers to ply their trade in battle.

The colossal giant Lakkar, long frozen in stone and ice, stares uncaringly down at the battlefield. In times past, Lakkar made a pact with Thrym for the dark power of Elemental Chaos. The giant received the Winterforge, an ancient artifact which rewarded him with colossal size, but proved too powerful for him to contain. Defeated by the Icehammer dwarves, Lakkar and the Winterforge lay untouched for generations, until the artifact was disturbed by the stout folk and began calling Hrimnir and his forces with the Elemental Chaos.